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The Mainframe Partners With UK-Based UKBlackTech To Strengthen International Connectivity, Expand Resources and Provide Global Opportunities For Black Tech Talent

In a world where skills and ideas are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. We sought to provide opportunities that matched the global aspirations of the talented individuals we support. To accomplish this, we wanted to strategically align ourselves with an organization that not only mirrored our mission, but also our goal of building together not alone. The UKBlackTech organization fit the bill perfectly.

I was first made aware of UKBT in the early days of their #FacesLikeMe social media campaign. As I continued to watch them have meaningful impact, I eventually approached their Co-Founder with the idea of partnering. It didn’t take much convincing, as our introductory call quickly grew into one of excitement around the idea of connecting our developing ecosystems and aligning resources. One that provided greater access, exposure and opportunities for the talent our organizations are working to elevate. Most importantly, we discovered the obstacles of Black individuals in the technology space weren’t exclusive to our home territories.

What does this mean for The Mainframe?

A partnership of this magnitude opens the doors to a number of opportunities for both, members of The Mainframe and this part of the region as a whole. It allows the talent gain exposure and to connect with aspiring or established founders and professionals in a completely different market. One that has its own unique economy and resources. In fact, the resources in each respective territory are the right mix for creating new startups for tech entrepreneurs, and job opportunities for tech employees. Corporations and businesses also stand to gain tremendously from this partnership. As they'll now expand their access to not just local, but also an international pool of black tech talent with transferable skills.

The U.S. and U.K. are innovative countries with wealth of untapped innovative talent within the black community, capable of building massively scalable tech enabled businesses, products and services or being top producers in the tech workforce. Leaders of our region in government, business and universities have an opportunity to come together and present Florida as a strong business partner. As the talent and startups from the UKBT x The Mainframe partnership continue to develop and scale. This creates an opportunity to put Florida on their radar and work to establish business interests on both sides of the Atlantic.

What’s next?

In collaboration with the UKBT Founders and team members. We’ll begin to roll out programming and initiatives geared towards introducing the tech talent from our organizations to each other's respective markets and stakeholders:

  • Virtual Workshops

  • Collaborative Events

  • Joint Accelerators

  • Corporate and University Initiatives

  • U.S and U.K. excursions for out of market opportunities

If you're interested in discussing opportunities of partnering or supporting, please reach out.

View our Press Release to read about the partnership in greater detail, and see quotes from the Founders about the partnership.

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